Our values

Excellence. Simplicity. Customization.

Innovation above all.

We pioneer the technologies that you will need tomorrow and blend them in incredibly thorough products.

Quality is not a luxury.

From the software to the user experience, we test our design relentlessly. At each iteration, OSE Engineering aims for nothing else than perfection.


Business sector

Aeronautics, automotive and energy.

This is a project carried out for a French car manufacturer. The software we developed aims to predict the pollutant emissions for a wide range of vehicles and powertrains, on a customized route defined by the user.



Cutting-edge software that let you focus on what really matters.

Engineers in our business sector deal with multi-physics problems that require advanced scientific techniques to be solved. OSE Engineering designs tools and software that encapsulate the generic concepts and let them focus on what they do best: add value to your products.

OSEoptimizer is certainly one of our best examples. With its incredibly intuitive user interface, anyone can now calibrate numerical models and evaluate their performances on real data.


Research Program

Technologies for tomorrow.

OSE Engineering is active on the forefront of technological innovation through the development of leading edge numerical algorithms in several research projects.

At the Themis solar power plant, we work in partnership with the French laboratory CNRS-PROMES on concentrated solar irradiation. In 2015 we developed and published a method that combines a translational bar and an ultra-fast response radiant flux meter to quantify the distribution of concentrated solar irradiation.


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