User-Centric Digitalization.

We accelerate your engineering workflow
so that you can spend more time on your core activity.

OSE Engineering

We believe that making engineering simpler makes it
more productive and more enjoyable.

At OSE Engineering, we live by our mission and that is to make people's work easier so that they enjoy what they do. Improving people's working life starts with our own company. Every single one of us come to work every day to do something we love.
We build technologies and software we believe in - as well as a strong, diverse company of curious and creative people who want to help people do the best work of their life.

Always Innovate.

Always Innovate.

Innovation is the only true way to create value.
We challenge the status quo, we look at problems from a different perspective and pioneer the technologies that you will need tomorrow. We blend them in incredibly thorough products that helps you reach new heights, faster.

Never compromise on Quality.

Never compromise on Quality.

Quality is not a luxury. It must be ubiquitous.
From the software to the user experience, we test our design relentlessly. At each iteration, OSE Engineering aims for nothing else than perfection.

Always listen to the Customer.

Always listen to the Customer.

Innovation that matters requires a hard look at what our customer experience is and what it could be.
We are relentlessly seeking what is useful and for that, we stay open, honest and respectful at all times. Customer satisfaction is the only relevant performance index for building long-term strategic partnerships.

You're in good company.

Engineers from small and big businesses trust us and use our technologies to simplify their workflow and focus on what truly matters.

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Our customers stories.

"With OSERoad we found the perfect way to supplement the work we did on simulating RDE driving cycles. So we have integrated some RDE cycles generated by OSEroad to our latest release of Simcenter AMESim, so that our customers can all benefit from it, right now."

Vincent THOMAS,
Product Line Senior Manager, Simcenter AMESim,

"We use OSEroad to find RDE-compatible routes from our technical centre in Birmingham (UK). OSEroad routes have a high level of RDE compliance (~75% of tests were full RDE for each route) and all of the routes proposed to the Vehicle Certification Agency (VCA) were accredited. This is a huge step forward for our teams with consequent cost and time saving."

After-treatment Research Lead Engineer,
SAIC Motor.